Welcome to the Sparkle Project!

Your go-to resource for reclaiming the inner sparkle that so often gets lost in the shuffle of life


Hello, I’m Sinéad Mangan, the Life Coach behind The Sparkle Project


I believe you start to sparkle when you do things that make you happy… and I mean really happy. The kind of happiness that grows from within when you have experiences that make you feel purposeful, inspired and completely connected with what it means to be you.

Everyone’s sparkle is different, and so many of us don’t know what it looks or feels like until we give ourselves permission to seek and explore.

But that’s why I’m here.

As a qualified coach, teacher and passionate advocate of spiritual wellbeing, I’ll support you to:

  • Uncover your greatest strengths, gifts and talents.

  • Gain deep insight into (and appreciation for) who you really are.

  • Connect with a sense of inspired purpose and direction in your life.

  • Experience more closeness and authenticity within your relationships.

  • Take confident steps towards goals that might feel scary or too ambitious.

  • SPARKLE! To feel radiant, happy and totally fulfilled in your everyday life.

Ready to to Dive in? Stick around and explore…